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PKF Fiduciaire SA is, and will remain, an independent Swiss company whose decision-making centre is embodied by its directors – Christelle Coudray, Christophe Fischer, André Gremaud, Jean-Francois Javet, Thomas Monti, Claude Nancoz, Anita Noirat, Stéphane Peiry, Christophe Pointet, Jean-Claude Roder and Olivier Volper – and which remains faithful to its democratic principles.

Our independence is a core part of our identity, based on our intrinsic values: strengthening our team spirit, continuously improving our professional understanding, responding to our clients' needs, increasing our company's visibility and in so doing, growing our market share.

Our employees will continue to provide a personal service, competently and professionally, within a larger organisation with a more extensive range of activities. We aim to offer the best possible services while maintaining the quality of our personal relationships with our clients.

Our ambition is to exceed clients' expectations, be sensitive and creative and so achieve results which are even better than expected. Establishing a real partnership with our clients, on the basis of complete integrity, is one of the values we promote, guaranteeing in particular:

  • Substantial experience based on the longevity of our group
  • Economic independence and democratic leadership ensuring continuity from one generation to the next
  • High-quality service in compliance with the standards set by our regulatory authorities
  • Collaboration based on transparency and confidence
  • Professional experts who take care to understand your specific requirements
  • In-depth and independent analysis of your financial statements
  • Employees committed to internal and external continuing professional development
  • Clear and helpful information on changes in regulation
  • Constructive and honest advice
  • Continuity of service to meet your international needs
  • Stable teams